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Roadworthiness testing

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Roadworthiness testing

All private motor vehicles over four years old are required to undertake a biennial roadworthiness test. Goods, Self Drive and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) must take a roadworthiness test annually. PSVs over 12 years old require a roadworthiness test every 6 months.

Please allow plenty of time if applying for an appointment by post.

Cat A Test (Motorcycle) £41.00
CAT B Test (Car) £41.00
CAT B+E (Car with Trailer) £61.50
Cat F to J (Crane, forklift, Road rollers) £61.50
PSV 8+1 seat (Taxi category) £61.50
Theory Test A (Motorcycle) £15.15
Theory Test B (Car) £15.50
Transfer of Ownership £20.50
Duplicate Certificate of Registration £20.50
Duplicate Roadworthiness Certificate £20.50
Issue/Duplicate Driving License/EU Exchange £36.00
Renewal Driving license £15.50
New registration Moped £20.50
New registration Moped log book £20.50
New registration Car/Motorcycle over 50cc £31.00
New registration Car log book £20.50
Monthly statistics for Garages £36.00
Issue of Public Service License/Renewal PSV £26.00
Ammendment to Road Service Line £61.50
Authorisation Certificates £26.00
Self drive Yearly fee £25.00
Sale of Waybills £26.00
MOT Private vehicles, Taxis, Self Drive £31.00
MOT Goods and Lorries over 125kg £56.50
MOT Motorcycles/Mopeds £20.50
MOT Omnibus £61.50